About Us

It is during the worst times that you will get to see who really cares about you.

From Rescue to AlliancUp!

It all started from an citizen intitiative with the creation of a Facebook Group "Rescue Independents & Startups" by Giovanni Patri, at the beginning of a historical health crisis, the COVID-19 (Coronvirus). When we started we were approximatively 500 members but as per the creation of the AlliancUp we were more than 5'000 persons representing the major part of the independents and startups of Luxembourg.

Logo and Graphic creation: Alex Covrig (Jarmado)

Our Goals

Represent & strengthen the actions of the members

Among other things, the association may create and participate in any institution likely to promote the achievement of this goal. It may also affiliate with national and international organizations whose object is the defense of the general and specific interests of its members which are Independents and Startups. It can take legal action to protect professional interests directly or indirectly..

Our Values

Provide opportunities to meet and engage .

Our association can connect you to future employees – or future employers, future customers, or even future suppliers. AlliancUp believes that information management is a vibrant ecosystem that includes end-users, suppliers, consultants, analyst firms, business functions, and government entities. As such, we take every opportunity to facilitate conversations between all of these groups.

Chairman's Words


Photo credit: Laurence Brandt (Brandt Photography) and Phoenici

Dear Members,

We met at the beginning of this historical and economical crisis of the COVID-19 also more commonly called Coronavirus crisis. I’m very grateful to speak to you today as Chairman of AlliancUp.

I started to defend the interests of the Independents and Startups of Luxembourg with no plans but only one clear vision, do everything in my power to save a maximum of business in Luxembourg by pushing the Government to establish financial aid. After three months, we have all achieved to get several financial aid during the crisis but also an aid for the restart of the economy. 

I initiated AlliancUp, with the other Board members, not only to act during the COVID-19 crisis, but to continue to represent and speak out the needs of the independents towards the Government. It seems obvious that it’s just the beginning of a long and interesting story, which I’m proud and humble to start with you by my side. Overall I”m grateful to be able to represent your interest, in order to change the system.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Yours faithfully,

An Engaged Community

Days of Crisis
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